Journey through Gojek’s Absorption Phase

This is my journey through the first two weeks in South-East Asia’s Super App company “GOJEK”. The 1st of July, 2020 marked a historic moment in my life when I started my professional career as “Software Engineer” at Gojek. (For future readers: Yes this was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic). There was a new feel to the air that day, so much excitement and joy. Due to the ongoing situation, we were onboarded virtually, and it was a very smooth experience, all credit goes to the onboarding team. Our first day was mostly related to onboarding and paperwork stuff.

Gojek has something called a Bootcamp which all freshers attend when they join as an engineer in Gojek. To give you a better understanding of Bootcamp here is a video.

This is the main Bootcamp before we could start with this we have a pre-bootcamp. Our first two weeks is the journey of this pre-bootcamp. And a fact: This is the first time Bootcamp is being conducted in a fully online manner (credits to COVID-19).

During my journey in the first two weeks I learned about multiple things:

We had serval other great experiences during the past couple of weeks, but these are hard to pin down. I’d like to use this platform to appreciate the efforts of “Goacademy” team that arranged all of this for us. They made the virtual experience become as close to real as possible. Specifically, thanks to our guides Mutia and Aida who throughout the journey, backed us, and helped us with the initial push to our careers. Looking forward to the main Bootcamp.

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